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Biochar: What’s That?

This class is cancelled.

What is biochar? The Science Journal Nature called it “the state of the art” soil amendment. Organic Gardening Magazine says,”along with bags of potting soil, mulch and compost, you soon may see bags of biochar for sale at your local nursery”. The Philadelphia Inquirer says “An ancient , highly porous form of charcoal is being touted as a godsend for soil health and fertility - transforming farms, home gardens, and urban and suburban landscapes.” This class will explore the history and the science behind this 2000 year old soil amendment. It will also explain why biochar is being touted as weapon in the fight against climate change.  

 The class will be taught by Patrick Schoen, Patrick (Pat) Schoen founded Ann Arbor Biochar after a 30 year career teaching science. When Pat was 13, his teacher showed the class a film about deforestation and Pat has been committed to environmental causes ever since. He went on to get his BS from the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and a MS in Environmental Science from Eastern Michigan. He is a member of the Citizens Climate Lobby and is acting as a CCL liaison for Michigan’s district 7. He spent many years as a volunteer with the Nature Conservancy and Department of Natural Resources restoring Oak Openings ecosystems.

Level of student who would benefit: Introductory to intermediate.

Fee:  $5.  For Registration, click here.  Walk-ins welcome.